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Welcome to Mothers' Helpers

Remember the "nesting" feeling, and making sure everything was ready before your baby was born? Fortunately, most babies here are born into joyful and secure homes, celebrated with gifts by well wishers, and moms are properly equipped with the basic necessities to care for their babies. But there are precious mothers with newborns who find themselves alone, and/or in very fragile financial circumstances. Instead of bright hope for their future, these moms are often fearful and in despair over whether they will have the basic necessities for their child. Their babies survive but not necessarily thrive, and no baby deserves to just survive.

Mothers' Helpers is a non-profit group dedicated to helping new moms who need baby items to care for their babies. Our goal is to gather and receive baby items to give to new moms or moms-to-be who are in need of essential baby items. Monetary donations are also welcome to allow us to purchase and donate non-reusable baby items. We are parents who understand how difficult raising a baby is under the best circumstances, let alone when you don't have basic things to meet and support the needs of your baby.

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