I appreciate and I am very thankful for your blessing! My baby boy will enjoy wearing it all. I am just a single mom going through a hard time right now. I was drawing unemployment until last December, and due to complications while pregnant I'm unable to work while pregnant. Every piece of money I get goes towards bills. I was so worried about items for my baby. Your gifts makes me feel alot better! Thanks again!

-Tonya M.

Thank you for everything. I'm happy for all of it. I hope that your program continues to help other people who need the help. Thank you.

-Isabel J.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first born child I was completely ill prepared. I was a single mother, fill time student at Santa Barbara City College and was not working. I lacked a support system. Mothers’ Helpers is a phenomenal organization run by people who truly care about helping others. I lacked a lot of help and resources and they provided me with much needed items for my son during a time in need.  Any donation that is given to a mother and child helps to alleviate some of the financial or emotional stress caring for a child’s needs. I found myself running out of formula and diapers, and the donated items I received helped create more room in my limited budget to attain those items. 

-Viola A. 

This program is amazing. It helped me out so much. When I had no one else to count on I could count on Mothers’ Helpers.  They helped clothe my son and even got age appropriate toys for him. They also helped me with school by donating a laptop to me.  God bless Mothers’ Helpers!!

-Kendra O.

In 2011 I was pregnant and I didn’t know what to do because I had no income. I had no money to buy the stuff for my newborn. My baby’s dad had no job. I couldn’t do or have a baby shower since there was no money. I called Mothers’ Helpers and told them what I was going through. This program helped me for what I needed for my newborn. I didn’t have to pay anything. I would have spent hundreds of dollars on baby stuff, but thanks to Mothers’ Helpers I didn’t pay a dollar. I truly recommend it. Mothers’ Helpers is the best.

-Mayra S.